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Are you a violent gamer

Yes 13 15.12%
No 43 50.00%
Only on tuesdays 13 15.12%
Just towards Tbone51 17 19.77%

Since there is so much controversy with laws recently and people blaming games then I want you guys to tell me if you were ever violent because video games or movies?  I honestly feel like you can't prove this kind of thing because there is multiple things to take into account but I want to hear your guys stories.

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Only on Tuesdays mostly cause I am busy not playing Video games.

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Only towards Tbone lol. Seriously though no if anything I think I might be passive.

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In my Xbox days yes I was, in my PS3 days (now) im not, I laugh alot when playing online some of the ways people kill you in black ops 2 can be funny as all F%$k and I dont take it so serious anymore. And for the most parts games are desgined 2 be fun not serious.


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Only when i'm playing online.

No, but only because I do not need to rely on violence to get what I desire.

No. Most frustrated I have gotten with a game?.......Would have to be Majoras mask. On the verge of getting something done and then time runs out again. Damn moon!

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Nah, I just laugh at games... and when I'm online and when I can be arsed to use my mic, I laugh and joke about the kids that rage because they've been killed and accuse others of hacking and such, it's quite funny actually...

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This Tbone dude is getting popular on here. High school all over again.