Forums - Gaming Discussion - US President asks Congress to fund study of Video Games and Violence

How will this affect the Gaming Industry?

It won't the research won't find anything 13 36.11%
This is bad. Heavy game censorship incoming 4 11.11%
Depends on the results of the study 5 13.89%
The government is ignorin... 14 38.89%

President Obama directed further research be done into the relationship video games may have to violence, part of a series of actions the White House is taking in response to the problem of repeated mass shootings across the country.

In a news conference taking place now, the president asked Congress to set aside $10 million for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study the ties between violent images in the media—specifically mentioning "the effects violent video games have on young minds"—and violent crime.

The request followed a week in which Vice President Joe Biden met with leaders of the video game industry to discuss violent video games. The study is not the only proposal Obama made; among two dozen others, including a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity clips, and stricter background checks.

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ugh what a waste of money....

semi-automatic weapons and larger clips will have zero effect on the issues
researching violent media will only show that it also has nearly no effect on people (again) and is simply a waste of $10 million... hell, give me a million and I'll play violent games for 40hrs a week for a year to prove it.

They should just dump 10 million dollars into a toilet.

I'm gonna go run over some hookers and shoot people just because GTA allows me to.

Waste of money. Bunch of useless busy-bodies in Washington with nothing better to do than waste their time and our tax dollars with this kind of garbage.

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Well, we have violent video games here in Europe as well, and we don't have nearly as many mass shootings as the U.S.... Strange indeed...

The money spent to make this study will be wasted for sure.


Well, we have violent video games here in Europe as well, and we don't have nearly as many mass shootings as the U.S.... Strange indeed...

I think the simple answer is that we have a bunch of crazy mother fuckers here in the USA.

Huge waste of money. And let me guess, its all at the tax payers expense. And this is exactly why I laugh at obama waning higher taxes. It wont do any good. He'll just spend it on something stupid. Like this.

This had to be done to shut up the people who kept citing video games and movies as causes of violent school shootings, the other restrictions would not pass because you'd have some idiots saying "oh, well why don't you do something about those damn video games?!".

So there ya go.

I must be a retard because violent video games don't make me want to kill people.