Forums - Sony Discussion - Kamen Rider Battleride Wars confirmed exclusive for PS3 :O

Coming out on May 28

- 7480yen for the regular edition, 10480yen for the "Premium TV Sound Edition"
- The Premium TV Sound Edition contains 30 extra music tracks from all the various series featured in the game, and can be used as a sort of extra custom soundtrack setting in the game

Kuuga, Agito, Den-O, W, Kabuto, OOO, Fourze, and Wizard are confirmed in the article, and non-lead riders will also be featured in the game, like Kamen Rider Gatack from Kabuto. Lots of characters.

Confirmed Kamen Rider wizard and Kabuto :0 :0 OMG!!a





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no idea what this is, but get dem Exclusives PS3 ;)

Big Bad Beetle Borgs. lol

What chance does this have of getting an English localization?

What the hell is this? More impotantly, is this popular in Japan?

maverick40 said:
What the hell is this? More impotantly, is this popular in Japan?

It's kamen rider.. it's kinda like power rangers.. i think it was adapted as Masked Rider in the US

it's extremly popular in Japan. It's like their Superman.. they still have TV shows

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if its anything like the wii and psp games, probably sell like 100k or so, nothing too speical.

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cool, big bad beetle borgs minus 2.5 lol. the point 5 is the white one, although he was the best one.

never heard of it. any word on aU.S. release?

I'll import if good

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I looks like power rangers or something