Forums - General Discussion - The 2006-09 forum posters come to this thread! The VGC Old Republic will rise!! (Nothing to do with SW game xD)

Hi early members of VGC.

As many of you know us old timers here are a dying breed, soon to be wiped out and outnumbered by the younger gen of posters.

We must band together to forum a legion to make sure that doesnt happen. We are the ones who build VGC into what it is today, for if it was not for us coming here back then this place wouldnt be here!.

So i give you

"The VGC 06-09 Member group!!."

If you would like to join this group join here. We are here to help make this site grow and prosper!. We will not lose our site!!!

I have seen many an old face vanish from here never to be seen again, Hell i vanished for 2 years and i wasnt even known when i came back x_x .

I also didnt know this site once i came back as it changed so much in that time.

Us old timers need respect from the newbie joiners. They need to know they cant talk up to us, They need to know us old timers rule under the mods, WE ARE THE LAW OF THE LAND FOR WE HELPED BUILD THE FRONTIER!!.


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so i will respect you like my grandpop?


Well I was here in 2008, but Wagram wasn't made until Jan 2010.

I'm going to come to this thread anyway.

This might be interesting to see who shows up

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aikohualda said:
so i will respect you like my grandpop?

No im your ruler , but i guess grandpop will do too :-/ xD

No one knows who I am.

NobleTeam360 said:
I'm going to come to this thread anyway.

Ha! coming to check out your new rulers hey? xD

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TheBardsSong said:
No one knows who I am.

Well then it is time to get your name knowing my brother, by the time this thread is finished everyone will know who we are!! xD