Do you remember when PS3 was going to dominate Wii/360?

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Do you remember the time?

I most certainly do - it ... 80 46.78%
I vaguely remember a foru... 19 11.11%
I remember nothing of the sort 30 17.54%
I don't even understand the OP 17 9.94%
Easter Egg 25 14.62%

This is a response thread to a another recent one asking if you remembered when Sony was going to exit the console business. Now I ask you if you remember the (almost) opposite happening. Not only were Sony themselves guilty of this mentality, but also forum posters on this very website. Do you remember?

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Yep, analysts had the ps3 as the top dog for the gen... Then sony went and screwed themselves with one the worst launches. The 360 also launched terribly. The wii was the only one with a good launch last time.

Come on Easter Egg...

Yep, I remember sony saying something along the lines of 'next gen doesn't start 'til playstation arrives.' Everyone thought the year head start for MS meant nothing to the mighty Playstation 3. Funny how that worked out.

There a much better links you could have used for forum posters over expectation. Even after the modest start people still said it was going to obliterate all before it.

OT. Yes.

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Sure I remember, then came a giant enemy crab...

No, I just remember wanting a PS3 but not having money for any console. I had friends with 360's shortly after launch but XBL Gold turned me off to it otherwise I would have gotten one since I started to like my original xbox. Once a few friends got a PS3, I really started to like the system even more. I never cared about who dominated what or anything, though people I knew sure liked to point out how much the PS3 "sucks".

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

3 people don't understand the OP


There was a translation but all I can find now is the German interview.  Anyhoo, just google "Sony: We'll overtake MS in early 2007"

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If you can only use one thread in these discussions...


I'm not really here!

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