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In March of 2011, Nintendo released the 3DS handheld system. The price was 249.99 USD. That price point, which certainly was astronomical, did not last more than six months before Nintendo took nearly 80 dollars off the price.  Was that needed? No. What they did not attempt to do was put out meaningful games that people wanted to buy the handheld for. There was the less than stellar launch line up, and not much else when they announced the price drop. Even when the system was reduced for sale the public was not that happy about it either. Many had just bought the system no more than six months ago for a considerable amount more.

So Nintendo tried to put a band-aid on the situation yet again. They gave these early adopter something called Ambassador games. Nothing more than a bunch of old retro games. Mario and all the other Nintendo favorites included from console and handheld past. Still that was not really enough to change the little 3DS systems stars. It would be another three months before the 3DS would finally get some heavy hitting games besides a couple of ancient re-makes. Fast forward to today and the 3DS has hardly slowed down since. Sure the sales are still sort of low in the West, but Japan loves the 3DS. Maybe more than they loved the PSP? All it took was a few great games to get people interested.

That is what the Wii U needs. Not another price cut PR disaster. Nintendo should have known that the launch ports of year old games would not hold many gamers interests for long. Most have already played classics such as Mass Effect 3 and Darksiders 2. Before the Wii U launched Nintendo had flooded the market with Mario, so that was never going to help much. Sure, over the years NSMB U will go on to sell  many million, but I think that gamers have played so much Mario over this past year that it was not really a must buy game. They did not and do not feel the need to go out and get a Wii U right off the bat just to buy this game.

Beyond that we have Nintendoland, which is nothing more than a bunch of mini games that include many of Nintendo’s beloved characters. Then there is the Wii U itself. It is a wonderful system that has a lot of promise. But what is a console without any games to play on it? Watching TV, using the game pad as  a remote and checking on friends can only go so far before you wonder why you have it. We already have most of this. We have a remote for our television. Most humans on this planet have a cell phone to check on friends and family.

In the end it all boils down to this. Stop screaming and yelling for a price cut. That will only help in the short term, and Nintendo is not a short term company. They are in it for the long haul, and a price cut will only keep people buying for the short term. You still need to give people games. Picture buying a Console that had not games. What if it was 50 dollars? If it did not have any games would that price be worth it? What would be the point? That is why the price point of the Wii U being reduced is just an absurd idea. It did not work with the 3DS like Nintendo wanted it to, and it will not work for the Wii U either. Games and more games is the only thing that will turn the fledgling Wii U’s prospects around.


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The Wii U needs more games before even a price cut will help.

It needs a graphically impressive game and something with a simple theme that takes advantage of the Gamepad, remote, or both. Making the deluxe pack the price of basic and eliminating basic would also be good. Doing both - great. All can wait till Christmas though.

It needs compelling software that is unique to it. Otherwise why buy it at any price?


Although I want to see Original games on new systems and a couple AAA sequels I know this won't happen easily. I actually want to see great new innovative games before I purchase a WiiU since I don't like Mario that much. Pikmin 3 looks promising and the fact that Monster Hunter 4 has been delayed doesn't help either. So without a lot of new games I suggest I pricecut in the near future.

The last new IP I played which gave me a wow experience was Gravity Rush. Journey has also delivered me a really good experience but that was a PSN game. Perhaps they should create a really good looking 1080p Pokemon RPG for WiiU. It would be an instant buy for me then.


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I Think when the big titles like Monster Hunter 4 hit, they should temporarily drop the price for bundles with the new releases. Monster hunter is always a huge system seller, and the added bonus of it being a little bit cheaper will do wonders for the install base

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I would prefer a pricecut. Nintendo is making a loss for every console sold and with a pricecut they would bleed even more money. That would force them to make games to get some money back.

Gamerace said:
It needs compelling software that is unique to it. Otherwise why buy it at any price?

Exactly! Why buy it for a few games when you can wait for more? Even in the next few months we will be getting a few bigger games. Price point should be out of the question for Nintendo until they see how it does with more games that are not ports.


By the Way Nintendo land is passed 1.5 milllion in sales!

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They are going to need both. Large price drop and much bigger games. Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit aren't saving this trainwreck, its headed to Vita town already.

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The Wii U needs something to define it. Like Wii Sports did for the Wii U. (But, yeah. It needs more gaemz.)

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