Forums - Sony Discussion - Ni No Kuni gets a 9.4 from IGN. Surprised?

With the way IGN has been towards JRPGs this generation I must say I am quite pleasantly surprised.

Can it finish at 90 and will you be picking it up next week? I can't wait for it!


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I didn’t want the game to end. It proved one of those special experiences – like I’ve had with Final Fantasy VI, Wild Arms or Tales of Destiny in the past – where I didn’t want to see the conclusion. I wanted it to keep going. That’s because Ni No Kuni is just that special, and every RPG fan owes it to him or herself to pick it up and see why.



  • +Gorgeous, lush graphics
  • +Wonderful, expertly written and performed soundtrack
  • +Excellent story that’s familiar, yet markedly unique
  • +Engrossing battle system that takes influence from two great JRPG series
  • +Requires at least 40 hours to beat, and perhaps twice that to do everything

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Wow, better then i was expecting! YAY

A bit better than I expected. I'm not getting it at launch. The demo didn't quite scream at me and I've got a lot to play right now that I'm working through. Will play at some point, though.

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Game Informer gave it a 7/10, but they disliked the difficulty level and the "absurd amount of random encounters".

There are no random encounters, lol.

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I expected nothing but high scores.

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I'm not to surprised for almost a month now Colin has been talking about how much he's enjoying that game.

Glad to see good scores but I'm getting it regardless :D

im suprised... suprised its so low. lol jks, this is sure to be an amazing, memorable classic. i never doubted it would get less than a 9. lets just hope it helps sales

Excellent. Though I have a backlog of JRPG's to play at the minute, I will be picking this at or close to launch.

I'm really excited to play this. Now even more so. IGN isn't perfect, but it's much more reliable than many of its peers.

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not surprised about a high score since all reviews i saw have been high but little bit surprised about 9.4, would have expected maybe 9.1 or something from ign for such a game.

but like the guy from german gamepro said, best jrpg this gen and in his opinion even the best looking jrpg of all time.

he also said there are a lot of references to other ghibli stuff which will make it even better for ghibli fans.

i woinder when we will get the first stupid "i don't like jrpgs in general i give it a way too low score" review.