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Help GamingCapacity with making a gaming meme. What words would you add to this picture? We will take the best quote/phrase and add it to the picture. When we made the picture we wanted something that represented both current gen and retro. Nothing like a tennis player from Top Spin Vs Pong shows this off better.


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Mr. Pong is in over his head?

I am horrible at memes.

 Bananaking was right, I was wrong. Like he always is. About the 3DS not selling at least 19.999 million in 2013...

Isn't that the site APM keeps linking to? Do you guys own it or something?

Anyways, my entry: "Because one gen at a time is too mainstream."

My 3DS Friend code is 0877-1237-2177 ...ADD ME! :D

Topspin FTW, since pong only moves sideways.

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