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Which will come out first: Xbox720 or PS4

Xbox 720 25 54.35%
PS4 21 45.65%

Which will come out first: Xbox720 or PS4?  Try to explain your predictions if you can instead of just posting your hopes.

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Absolutely no idea. Neither has anyone else.

But neither can afford to give the other more than a month or two. Presumably they both know this.

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Obviously no one knows. They haven't even been announced.

If I was forced to guess one of them, I would have to guess PS4 simply because I want it to.

We have no idea at the moment. I have a feeling that Sony might surprise us though and come out first.

PS4, the 720 a week or 2 after. For historical reasons. Xbox 360 came out around december while PS3 launched mid november except for the delayed PAL regions.

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No idea. I don't think this is something we can predict unless we hear of manufacturing issues and stuff... there really is no solid data to go off.

720. We've been hearing about it for way longer. The PS4 rumors only started coming out in the past year and Sony will still try to squeeze out few more months of PS4 sales to try to lower its overall losses.


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720 will release first.

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I think 720, though I prefer to call it Xbox 8.

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how about they come relatively at the same time

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