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Maybe ive missed something, but ive not seen too many Nintendoland discussions on VG chartz. Whilst it isnt a system seller like Wii Sports was, i think it is a better game in every conceivable way. The mini games have an amazing amount of depth to them, and the game shows off not just the gamepad, but the fact the gamepad has so much more to offer than the Wiimote ever did. The multiplayer games are amongst the best ive ever played (Mario Chase anyone?) ,and i can see this game holding my attention much longer than Wii Sports.
ps- a quick question, would you say that Nintendoland counts as a new IP??

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I don't own a Wii U but I have played NintendoLand over a friends house a couple of times. And I enjoy all the games...the only one that sucks is the Octopus Dancing xD

The best one of the 2 o more players is the Luigi's Mansion one, it so freaking fun. I was expecting to hate the F-Zero game but it was very addicting, but just as a minigame, if I see a full F-Zero game like that one I promise I will hate Nintendo forever!!!

The Metroid game is also really good, although you need some time to get used to the ship controllers. The DKC is also pretty, but the last area is impossible xD

Overall all the minigames are really good and fun, I do hope Nintendo makes more NintendoLands with their other franchises.

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Nintendoland Metroid is fun..

The best is multiplayer especially Mario and Luigi's attraction! Also the Pikmin one is very fun

It's more of a Mario Party than a Wii Sports.

Nintendo needs a new Wii Sports.....


I love Nintendoland.

The best games for me are:

Zelda Battle Quest - Great fun, amazing zelda music, using the bow is awesome and very easy and natural.
Metroid Blast - The ship takes some getting used to, but is awesome when you do. Also can be quite tough.
Pikmin Adventure - Like a pikmin lite version of the main series. Love it though.
Yoshi's Fruit Cart - Good fun, but I ain't that good. Once the fruit starts moving I start to suck!
Balloon Trip Breeze - Relaxing game, perfect to chill with.

Only played with someone else once, but had a great laugh.

The best thing is the games are fairly simple so anyone can play, but there is a surprising amount of depth to them.

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KungKras said:
It's more of a Mario Party than a Wii Sports.

Nintendo needs a new Wii Sports.....

Exactly how I feel. It's just good multiplayer fun without the revolution that was the Wii Sports. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

I've been surprised by the incredible quality of the games. It's really addictive and it's something I really didn't expected. The Zelda game is 1000 times better than the Link crossbow training they produced for Wii, and I think DK is the hardcore challenge of the year. And in general terms all the events are well designed. Again, Nintendo showed me what does game design means.

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Dont get me wrong, Wii Sports was great and revolutionary for the time. But at the end of the day it is a game with the emphasis of using arm gestures. With Nintendoland you have touch screen, motion tilt controls, dual screen, camera (seeing your opponents reaction on tv is hilarious) and the added bonus of your Wiimotes too. The whole package is quality, and although i got the game bundled, i would have no qualms paying full retail price for it. I wouldnt have paid full whack for Wii sports as good as it was.

Metroid game is fantastic, i was disappointed by the F-Zero game, not bad, but expected moar...other than that i havent really played anything more cause i dont own the game :(

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I was actually just playing the Zelda one. I love it, the only thing it lacks is online gameplay. Imagine playing Luigi's Ghost Mansion with voice chat online? :D