720 launch and 360 price-cut in the same year?

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - 720 launch and 360 price-cut in the same year?

Does anyone else think launching an entirely new console as well as cutting the price of 360 in the same is a stupid idea?

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No, it's S.O.P., Standard Operating Protocol.

Release new console at premium price, discount old console and market as a budget unit. Make sure it gets ports for a while and you'll be killing two birds with one stone.

Nope - it would be a dumb idea to continue to sell the 360 while the next xbox is out without a price cut.

Sell the remaining units of the xbox360 to quickly clear off the shelves - besides its not like they'll lose any money (or that much) from a price cut right around now since arent they overdue for a price cut?

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nope..they will be aimed at different target markets

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I don't think so. They will be selling to a different consumer base.

If they can get the 360 with kinect down to $200 it could sell well as a cheap casual dance/party console.While hopefully they will focus on the core audience the first few years of the 720 while it is still expencive.

I don't think they should pull it off the shelves. It has plenty of life left, especially in America.

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No, but I think a $200 ps3 is worrying. If the last gen has 200 dollar machines how much will next gen cost? I was hoping 350 dollars for ps4 but thats a small difference. (apply this to xbox as well)

nah. 99% of the people who would buy Nextbox at launch aren't the same people who would buy a 360 8 years after its launch.

PS2 bro ps2. It outsold all nextgen consoles for 3 years. So no it's not a stupid idea.

Price-cut at E3:

4 GB Xbox 360: $99
4 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect: $149
250 GB Xbox 360: $199
250 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect: $249
Special edition consoles / 320 GB Xbox 360 + extra controller + the game: $299

It is crazy that MS sold out with a $400 SKU in 2012. Twice. (Star Wars Kinect and Halo 4)

This should happen right after E3 with a new console announcement.

The next console should start at $399 with a $449 SKU.

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No, it's a great idea. Announce at E3 and at the same time slash the 360 price hard, get a $99 unit out there.

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