Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why didn't you want a Nintendo console or system as a kid?

Seems like some people on the Internet(this site) have no Nintendo loyalty at all. This could only happen if you never were given a NES, SNES,N64, or GC as a kid.




Did your parents hate you? Did they want you to be violent playing violent games on the other consoles, or did you just not care?

Kids who owned handhelds mainly for Pokemon do not count.

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I had a super nintendo when I was a kid, but now I'm not a kid.

I played mostly outside too. Cricket and football lol

I had an NES and an SNES, but like any normal person, I grew out of baby consoles and bought a Playstation.

Hey I had a N64 and GC as a kid, so yes I had a real childhood. But I think they got me those because the whole thing about Nintendo being for kids. Which also stopped my mom from getting me a Xbox as a kid, she only didn't 'cause my older cousin told her it only had violent games and because he wanted it for himself. But I'm glad he never got it the jerk.

nah, I got a Mega Drive (Genesis), because that's the one I wanted

and I played Pokémon (Blue) on a Gameboy I borrowed from my friend for a few month (I own the game myself though)

I do own a GC,but I bought that one myself

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I grew up in the era where Playstation was king. My dad bought every console apart from Nintendo ones. I had a Gameboy (who didn't?) and a SNES, which I rarely played, but I never owned an N64 or a Gamecube.

I do feel like I missed out with the Gamecube though, thank god for backwards compatible Wiis.

My first system that I played was NES - which my cousins had owned.

My first system that my parents purchased for me was SNES.

They purchased N64 and GCN for me cause I wanted them.

I bought a Wii with my own monies ;o

All the portables I bought were gifts from my parents except for the NDS Lite which I purchased myself.

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I'd answer this question, if it weren't for owning an NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, and now Wii U :P

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because when I was a kid TVs were black and white, I only got 3 channels and video games hadn't been invented yet.

When I bought my NES I was working and living with my wife to be. I continue to buy Nintendo consoles (along with all the others) because I love gaming and I'm not as insecure as all the "big boys" who think that being mature means playing games full of sex and violence.

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Except I always wanted a Nintendo console when I was a kid.

I owned the GameCube, GameBoy Color, GameBoy SP, and the DS Lite. (Then I got a Wii on launch day... which was a nightmare!)

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