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Nintendo & PC combo

Only if Nintendo kills him, otherwise no.

to put it simply, no.
Mario Kart sold 33 million
Mario Bro's Wii sold 26 million
Mario galaxy sold 10 million

those are ALOT of sales! and im pretty sure ALOT of kids played mario

two franchises i think that will never die. Mario and GTA.

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Dont worry I'm sure he has a pile of green mushrooms somewhere so whenever he runs low he can just use them. Or he could go third party style and use a pick me up.

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From sales figures, I think it's safe to say more kids have played Mario Kart than Halo or COD.

So, no. Mario will never die. But in the future he may become a go-kart from the waist down to conform to what those kids think of him.

He's died so many times when i played him, but i got over 547lives so Noooo....

All things must pass. Just like your mortal body will one day return to dust, so Mario shall return to the void from which he was crafted. I predict it will happen in 2046.

sethnintendo said:

well after reading that article thats that, nintendo should close its doors and call it a day

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Lots of adults like Mario so no.