Forums - Sales Discussion - PSP Sold 1.12 M Its First Dec; Vita Sells <250k

Just for those who want to keep track of how the PSP did its first December vs. the Vita for the US market, PSP sold 1.12 million approximately. 

According to creamsugar on GAF, Vita did more than 200k, but less than 250k for its first December over here. 

Market has changed a lot in 7 years, no doubt. 

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Wow! Those are some devastating resultz! Too bad.

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That is bad, isn't it? What was the price and how many games did it have at release? I guess you can say the market has changed and the Wii U numbers don't seem as bad as it looks.

PSP was $250 in December 2005, so the same price.

Wow, the PSP did quite well!

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It's premature to judge the Vita before its second Christmas.

You say the market has changes a lot: the 3DS sales (1.3mil or around that in the same timeframe) would suggest otherwise. The only thing that's changed is the relative marketshare.


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ufffff, what a dangerous situation they have there.....

I guess the vita took a page from the Wii U playbook

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badgenome said:
It's premature to judge the Vita before its second Christmas.

Premature Judgement is a serious problem and should be treated as such.

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