Forums - Nintendo Discussion - With the help of the Ocarina 3D remake, Ocarina of time retakes the top selling Zelda position from Twilight Princess!

But does that count? Twilight was just one game. Ocarina has to do a whole Directors cut just to do it.


Currently: N64 version = 7.60 million copies + 2.99 million 3DS version is 10.60 million by now.


Twilight is 8.34 million..about. Of course both are still selling and the Wii select version is cheaper than the 3DS game. So not only was OoT a better game, but the sales dominated Twilight as well.

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Well, Ocarina of Time has other weapons in this fight too if you don't want to count the 3DS version.

OoT was released on GameCube twice, and it's on the Wii Virtual Console. The GameCube versions however, are special editions; one included in the 'Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition' that you could get via Club Nintendo (in Europe at least, I think in the US you got it by pre-ordering Mario Kart (?)), the other included with the pre-order of Wind Waker.

But alas, I don't think those will be enough to bridge the gap of a million, and it's unfair to include OoT 3D with the numbers. OoT 3D is not a re-release of the same game, but a remake. Thus, Twilight Princess indeed takes the crown as best-selling Zelda game.

Ocarina a better game? Ha!

And as someone already stated, you are counting a re-release vs. one single game.

I'm confident less than 1% bought the 2 versions of Twilight Princess.

Good job, OoT.
But I still love my twilight princess dearly... My precious...

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I think I like Twilight Princess better. Don't really care which sells more. Both are awesome.

I'd say it's fair. Both games were released on two consoles.

It doesnt count until Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 4D comes out next gen.

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Let's wait until TP has seen 4 separate releases, as well as a full-on remake. Then we'll talk.

Also, you can count on the WiiU Zelda being similar to OOT/TP, instead of 'different' like, say, WW or SS. Looking at the sales, it will be blatantly apparent to Nintendo which the audience prefers.

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My copy of Wind Waker has an extra disk with Ocarina of Time on it.

What about all of those sales!