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Halo 4 may have only just come out in November, but 343 Industries is already looking at ways it can improve its handling of Bungie’s franchise going forward with Halo 5 development. Studio head Frank O’Connor has laid bare his vision and ambition for what comes next.


Over on Halo Waypoint, O’Connor published a post that revaled the team had been doing a lot of soul-searching and identified areas it could improve upon going forward.

Said O’Connor, “Halo 4 is the best and fastest-selling Halo game in the series. It won critical acclaim. It won awards, from Best Graphics at the VGAs to Game of the Year at the Inside Gaming Awards. We altered the engine. We expanded the universe. We innovated in storytelling, technology, and even marketing.

“It wasn’t flawless by any stretch of the imagination, but by most objective criteria, it was a resounding success. So we know we have a lot to do. And we know we have a lot to learn. But we also know that we now have the capacity, the teamwork, the technology and the experience to do much better next time.”

Talking about 343′s next-gen ambitions with Halo 5 – and actually alluding that the game is coming to Microsoft’s next console – O’Connor added, “There are a ton of things we wish we could done better: Features that didn’t make it into the final game. Glitches that emerged. Missteps made. DLC fiascos. Communication breakdowns.

“But there were things that went astonishingly well – the creation of a genuinely competitive AAA studio chief among them. A collection of talent and souls that can do something genuinely amazing on this and next-generation hardware. The overhaul of an amazing game engine – but one that really needed to be overhauled – and an amassed education on systems, people, code and audience that will stand us in great stead for the future.”

What do you feel Halo 4 could have done better? Let us know below.

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Wow, how could they make a game much better than Halo 4?!? I have a feeling they are responding to all the rude people who post on Halo Waypoint forums always complaining that the game is the worst Halo, and 343 messed up... which is all garbage IMO.


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This is a little obvious seeing as there now the head studio of halo.
Great that There still trying to make it exciting! Depending on exclusives I might get the next Xbox and il have a huge catch up of halo to do aha only played 1 and 2 back in the day

Played halo 1,2,4 (not 3) at friends' houses. My only problem is the length of the campaign. It's like so short.

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Critical acclaim? I don't think so.

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Wander_ said:

Critical acclaim? I don't think so.

Aside from literally a few so-so reviews, yes it has critical acclaim. Criticial acclaim isn't limited to the 90+ range.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

I thought it was the best Halo I played, but Firefight missing was a notable exception that I think costed it in reviews.

Bring back firefight and make it better then ever.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

Some things in the mp should change ( lag system, some AA's, overpowerd boltshot) And lol @ Wander halo 4 only scored sub 90 on metacritic thanks to some troll reviews.

As long as it has another kick ass storyline like halo 4 I will be happy.

According to metacritic, it's less critically acclaimed than any Halo shooter except for ODST. Is it really the fastest selling Halo game?

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