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When a natural disaster happens (like Sandy hitting the East Coast), and power is knocked out and cell phones become pretty useless and internet access is non-existent, only then do people realize that radio is still important in this day and age, as the way of getting important news info and updates.


Even though technology is always moving forward, I think people will still need a battery powered radio (or hand cranked or solar powered anyway) in times of natural disasters, as mother nature is still more powerful than mankind, and always will be.


What do you think?


I think if the radio industry was smart, they should have asked Apple to put a radio in every iphone and iPad.

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Indeed, radio is still a viable and important mass media.

And, as you say, it's with power shortages/natural disasters that it shows its value as it's one of the very few mass media devices that can work with regular batteries.

Also, given that they are relatively cheap to maintain, mean that almost every city can have their own radio station, which provide the kind of info that the citizens of that city/area need, both when bad but also good things happen.

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The last time i heard the radio was when i was riding in the car with my dad. Going to the doctors to get my anus needle shot before going to school.

d21lewis said:
Cuba Gooding Jr. was surprisingly capable as a mentally handicapped person. I think it was based on a true story, too.

So random... so random.. what a random post..

ot: Radio is still very important you would be surprised how many people still listen to the radio, while driving to work, from work, at work.. high prices for radio commercials is reflecting that (i work in advertising)


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Radio is still my choice of easy listening while cooking and driving. But then again, I am a dinosaur.

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Yeah it's still important, but it's pretty lame now as a source of entertainment. I only listen to the radio in the car and that's if I forget my iPod at home and don't feel like listening to any of the 20ish CD's i have in my car. So basically VERY rarely.

Absolutely. I get the majority of my news of the Day over the airways driving to/from work.

I wish radio was like in GTA games. Every radio station should just record some top notch broadcasting and put it on a loop.

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Radio has the advantage over television in that it does not need to engage the eyes AND ears at the same time, therefore it can be used in a wide variety of areas where eyes are busy (driving, work etc.)

I still think that eventually the internet will consume radio like it does television, in the form of streaming radio, but it would depend on how wide of a distribution band could be achieved in remote, portable areas (remember that the original intention of the internet is supposed to be to maintain some degree of communication in the event of disasters).