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Top20 rankings week selling consumer software

※ ranking red background is the new titles.

RankModelTitleManufacturerRelease DateUnit sales 
total number of
Reader Reviews
One Post a review
Two 78
Three 35
Four Post a review
Five Ninety
Six Post a review
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Eight Post a review
Nine Post a review
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13 75
14 78
Fifteen Ninety
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Eighteen 65
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Consumer hard week sales ranking

ModelSales volume
3DS LL 156,184
3DS 123,075
Wii U 67,083
PS3 64,352
PSP 54,873
Vita 33,309
Wii 5,632
Xbox 360 1,893


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Ouch for Wii U, isnt the New year boost supposed to take effect?  Thats what people here constantly say...

Why such a Vita-increase with no games in the top 20?

Hardcore=elitist casuals

Prediction: PS4 will be more powerful and cheaper than XBOX ONE

Paper Mario makes me smile!

Wii U stays stagnant and drops on the two weeks it should've had a stronger showing... time to release that Nintendo Direct showing some Wii U games Iwata!  Any day now...!

Vita sales are good, relatively speaking.  Been awhile since we've seen it that high.

wii u, we hardly knew u.

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wow the ps3 so close to the wiiu, didn't see that one coming. How much is the Wiiu and ps3 at japan?

3ds is a beast as usual. why did the vita rise so much in sales? and WiiU and ps3 numbers are pretty close!

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I fuckin' love this game!

10./17. [3DS] Tousouchuu: Shijou Saikyou no Hunter-Tachi Kara Nigekire! <ACT> (Bandai Namco Games) {2012.07.05} (¥5.040) - 35.624 / 373.096 (+72%)

PS3 is a monster.... how much it sold in the same week last year?

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No famitsu numbers?