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It will sell

500k 5 3.01%
1M 4 2.41%
1.5m 8 4.82%
2m 3 1.81%
2.5m 7 4.22%
3m 23 13.86%
3.5 30 18.07%
4m 30 18.07%
4.5 13 7.83%
5m 43 25.90%

   I don't have high hopes for it, i think it will struggle to even get to 3M. Why? Because it's not a numberd sequel it's a prequel and we all know prequels don't sell like the numberd ones. Unless it gets a very high universal praise i don't see it getting to GoW3 sales.





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3,600k I say.

900K FW, 4.5m LT.

3-3.5 million LT.

Andrespetmonkey said:
900K FW, 4.5m LT.

its like you freaking read my mind!

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5 Million IMO. VGChartz numbers for GoW3 seem undertracked.

3-4.5 M limited.

zumnupy10 said:
5 Million IMO. VGChartz numbers for GoW3 seem undertracked.

i know GoW3 is undertracked and it sold 5.2m. But do you actually think that GoWA would sell like that HELL NO from what i've seen it doesn't have the hype that GoW3 had. Seems like The Last of Us and GTAV are hurting it.

Less than God of War 3 I think.

It's legs will be cut short as the the PS4 releases. Also, isn't it tracking with less pre-orders than GoW3? I think so.

I doubt being a prequel is a significant factor though.

I say about 3.7 - 4.2m.

Boutros said:
3-3.5 million LT.

I'll go with this.

Late in the gen, in a bezy year......plus it's not a numbered title.

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