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Looking to the long term

Speaking at a press event directly after the conclusion oflast night’s CES showcase, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai admitted that PlayStation Vita sales are currently at the bottom end of the company’s expectations. “I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” he explained, adding that it takes time before a system can be declared successful. “Long term is what's important.”

Hirai continued that people were extremely critical of the PlayStation 3 in its early days, but the platform is now a profitable part of Sony's business. As of 30th June, the company had sold 2.2 million Vita consoles worldwide. The manufacturer's been reluctant to provide updated figures in recent weeks, but it's safe to assume that the number has increased marginally over the past six months.

Elsewhere, the former Sony Computer Entertainment president noted that he wasn’t particularly surprised by the announcement of Nvidia’s Android-based portable gaming platform, Project Shield. “I wasn’t as surprised as you might think,” he said. “If you look back through the pages of history, there have been other attempts. It’s [a difficult market] to break into. I’ve managed this industry, so I know.”

What can Sony do to boost the Vita's sales? Do you think that Project Shield will have an impact on the handheld's success? Let us know in the comments section below.

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"We really thought that people would go for an expensive system with NO GAEMZ."

He also said this bit which was interesting.

"Hirai said Nvidia’s announcement could be seen as part of a multi-platform gaming trend that has seen gaming jump to other products.

“Customers are used to playing video games on not just consoles anymore, but a variety of devices,” he said."



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This is why I like Kaz, he's not afraid of telling the truth. He's also the only Sony representative I like.  

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Everything relies on what kind of blockbusters they can offer on the Vita to boost its sales. Not only just games, but those kind of games that become system sellers, just like Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter or Pokemon on the 3DS. Vita will go a long way to become a relevant system in the handheld ecosystem.

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osed125 said:

This is why I like Kaz, he's not afraid of telling the truth. He's also the only Sony representative I like.  

Yoshida >>>>>>>>> Kaz.

Who cares about Vita sales? We know already.

But Project Shield? That's interesting. NVidia becoming a console maker (of sorts). What is this the fifth Android console to be coming out this year? But the first with a major corporation backing it. 3rd parties will be giving Android some major support if these devices catch on at all. And I suspect they will...


Gotta admit, the whole Phone and Tablet stealing marketshare thingy is more true then any gamer would like to admit.

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In PR terms, "on the low end of expectations" means "fucking woeful"

Still, if it gets a price cut and GTA this year then it should do respectable numbers

Vita is meeting expectation? Not a flop confirmed!