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3DS over Vita?

No Vita will sell more Hardware! 18 4.56%
Vita will be close in sales 15 3.80%
3DS will win with a Couple Mil more Sales! 19 4.81%
3DS will Dominate it this Year 321 81.27%
See results! 22 5.57%

With Vita having a bad start its 1st year, It'll will manage to do far better this year, with most likely a price cut, cheaper memory, and new software, but will that be enough against 3DS's Lineup?

3DS looks very promising in Japan with AC still selling well and Dragon Quest 7 along the way in a month with MH4 coming early in the year! Globally will have AC also, Luigi Mansion which is surely to be a hit, Possibly more Nintendo Main IP's!

Whats worrying is Pokemon! Yes Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are being released in October Globally!!! With this 3DS Title alone it will dominate the holidays with an Iron Fist!

So discuss, Is Vita in trouble? No? Will Pokemon Break away much further than the competition?

Now Post!!!!!

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C'mon tbone! This isn't fair to the Vita! It never stood a chance anyway, and with Pokémon X & Y releasing in October world wide there's nothing to stop the 3DS. It's gonna do somewhere around 20-25m this year alone and it will finally catch up in the West...

You're just being mean now ;)

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

I think you're just trying to beat-down the Vita even more. Rightfully so, I guess.

But the predictions in the 2013 sales thread shows a gap of approximately 3x in favour of the 3DS. This can only grow with today's announcement.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

This isn't domination, this is so beyond domination

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3DS will sell far more than the PSVita this year due to the amount of releases it has coming out and is more appealing to the masses.

Anyways I hope I can get both PSVita and a 3DS XL this year *-*

I'll be getting a 3DS XL for sure since now a mainline Pokemon game is coming out on it. Every single Nintendo portable I have bought since the first I've always gotten a Pokemon game as my first game.

GameBoy Color = Pokemon Yellow
GameBoy Advance = Pokemon Ruby
Nintendo DSLite = Pokemon Diamond

and next will be

3DS XL = Pokemon Y

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3DS is set to rape and pillage everything else this year!! For the whole year...

I'm on Twitter @DanneSandin!

Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

Even before the Pokemon announcement it was obvious.

haha why is this even a question!


I actually wanted the vita to do better i predicted 7.4mil while sony fans did less than me, but now seeing pokemon, Vita be lucky to pull off 7mil IMO! Jus askin lol, beside im not saying its doomed! Maybe 2014 for Vita???

Next year it would be nice if Vita sold half of what 3DS will probably sell this year. That's a great goal in my mind. 1/4 like this last year is bad. 1/3 is what PSP did to DS overall. 1/2 would be amazing.

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