Why the hell doesn't EA make Need For Speed Underground 3 ???

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I'm sure it has already been asked a few years back, but I never saw one of these threads, so please someone explain to me why EA didn't think of making a sequel of their best NFS sub series ?

They've seen the decline in the NFS series and instead of making Underground 3 or hell a remake of Underground, they continued with Carbon, Pro Street, Undercover etc. and recently remakes of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted.

Underground 1+2 sold almost 23m units !

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Because you're the only person who'd buy it

because they don't want your money?

I have no clue. Wherever Need For Speed is discussed, Underground 1/2 is often considered the greatest of the series (well, along with MW).

I would buy that game in a heartbeat for sure.

gergroy said:

because they don't want your money?

Damn you!

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its, your fault, you gave me the idea

i really dont know. i wish they would make another underground game. open world, ALOT of adjustments to the car, paints and all that stuff. it was PURE fun! i really loved those games and i would buy one in a heart beat

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Yes! Those games were amazing. I'd love to see an entry to the series. Don't know why they did not make a single entry this gen is puzzling.

an underground game with the possibilities of forza games if it comes to customization with the decals would have a very big potential. it is just awesome what people create in forza and that is exactly what would work perfect with underground in my opinion.

They all are basically the same as Underground just without the name.


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