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Beloved PS3 vs. Newcomer WiiU- Japan is on a Nintendo kick as of late. Seems like it does not matter what games they get, they buy them all. Mostly for the 3DS of course, but the WiiU just released. But then you have the PS3. Seems like a major title comes out monthly there and talk of its replacement says the PS4 is still a year or more away.


But so far it seems the WiiU is going to be ahead. In the first non-Holiday week the WiiU was ahead by around 20,000. Even if it is not a holiday in Japan it was still ahead last week and the launch was weeks ago already.

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We still got no numbers for 2013, those Famitsu figures are for the last week of 2012. They are still to come this week probably on wednesday.

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No, but it will outsell it. They're already getting close again after WiiU's launch

I know there are no numbers, but that Was still a non-holiday and far enough away from launch week to get a nice glimpse.

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Domination is unlikely, because the release schedule for the PS3 is still healthy while the Wii U isn't going to get all that many games. Wii U outselling the PS3 in 2013 is definitely possible, because Nintendo's first party software could create good momentum for the system. It's not guaranteed though and it's mostly guesswork, because we don't know what Nintendo will release and when.

I say the PS3 will be ahead at the half year mark, but the Wii U will have taken the lead by the end of the year.

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Dominate? Maybe not. Outsell? Very much so.

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Very much so....isn't that dominate? What I meant is basically outselling it on a weekly basis. For now we have Pikmin 3 and DQX coming to the WiiU in Japan before E3. WONDEFUL 101 should be big as well. That will give it a month or more of weekly wins alone. Those games together.

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It will dominate the 360 and the Wii, although the Wii doesn't really count as the WiiU is a successor to it. It will outsell the PS3 by 20% maybe.

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It's sales lead is about 50%... if it goes up from there I would call it domination. Certainly 2-1 would be. I would say there is a significant chance of domination. I'll say a proper lead for the first half of the year, then domination in the second half.