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But Reggie makes me laugh and Iwata brought us our beloved Nintendo direct!


Fact is, Nintendo is not just a videogame maker. It is a business with investors. It needs to make money. We keep hearing "next quarter we will be making money" next console things will be different".


But here we are at the dawn of a new un-paranoid about end of the world, world. We still have little third party Nintendo console support. What support se do have is miss-guided as usual and has had no effect on sales. I think the biggest third party WiiU game is either Just Dance4 or ZombiU and the sales are not big. 3DS is doing fine in the West. But nowhere near as good as it could be. Look at Japan compared with here. 3DS could be leagues ahead of the DS, but we have to be happy with it being about on par.


Wii and DS need to be on their way out the door. I know Nintendo wants to regain their honor and have the Wii pass the PS and DS pass the PS2, but it is hurting their new systems.


Finally we have the stock problem. It has to go up. I know ot was bloated with the extravagant sales of the DS and Wii back in the day, but where its at now will not cut the cake. The guys in charge have not been successful in a while. How long can excuses be accepted? Do not even get me started on marketing. Grade: D-


I know it is hard, but it may be time for new leadership. Dare I say...Miyamotos retirement? So fare he has been used to promote rushed Mario games. People hated Skyward Sword and Pikmin 3 will be lucky to beat his last creation of love: Wii music.

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Nintendo is fine. These doom threads really need to stop. I loved Skyward Sword. The Wii U just came out and its awesome and its future is bright. We all need to just calm down.

But people said the vita doom threads need to stop. Yet, it is still not doing great. WiiU is great, but that does not mean the leaders at Nintendo should not go. Why turn a blind eye on the situation? I did not say the WiiU or 3DS were bad systems.

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It is not all about the systems. Nintendo is a business that is being run poorly.

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Nintendo just need to get customers to understand the Wii U is not a add on. If they fail to see that there is a issue then yes they need to look at replacing people.

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The ones that need to be fired are Aonuma and Sakamoto. Like now.


I have bought a significant amount of Nintendo stock. I can say that a big reason I purchased was because of the leadership of Iwata and Myamoto. Nintendo's software has been other-worldly successful and Iwata has lead a complete revival of the Nintendo brand. 3DS is trending ahead of its predecessor and that will likely continue as DS dies of in the US. WiiU just launched to around 80% of the sales of Wii despite selling in a very different environment and at a significantly higher pricepoint. As a shareholder I'm very pleased. The philosophy of not going all out to push tech boundries is very wise. The low price and touchscreen interface should appeal to a mass-market audience. People may want a better-looking NSMBU, but it was probably affordable to produce and should generate buckets of profits. And as far as 3rd party support goes as a gamer I want it but if it doesn't come I'll just buy a PS4 or Nextbox depending on which seems better. But as a shareholder I don't really care as long as the systems still sell. 3rd party is great, but if you have a 1st part dominated system you make way more profits since you make more money off 1st party. I only want to see more 3rd party support in that it will help drive sales, especially late-life sales...but by then I will have probably sold my stock anyway.

Fire Shigeru Miyamoto hes holding Nintendo back with his kid friendly crap. And just make him a game director not in charge of what goes and what doesn't.

Spurgeonryan - seeing you go from super Nintendo fan to constantly posting negative threads is... well sad. Clearly you are deeply disappointed with Nintendo.

So am I. I love my Wii. WiiU interests me not at all. Your points are valid. My own faith in Iwata and Miyomoto has been dramatically reduced.

Regardless, I love my Wii will continue to play it for years. People are enjoying their WiiU's and there are more choices than ever before for where and how to play games. If Nintendo isn't doing what you love, there's lots of great games elsewhere to be discovered from Angry Birds to Halo 4 to Drake's Fortune to World of Tanks. Maybe you just need to give Nintendo a break for a while, and that would send a stronger message to Nintendo than these threads.


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Why? Wii still sells 100k a week, DS became the biggest selling whatever... 3DS is doing great and Wii U had a good launch, they had losses? yeah but that is part of the business, they were developing, if it keeps happening for 2 more years then we have a problem and i could even have my name considered for the job of Nintendo Global President :D