Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony CES tonight at 8 EST, what to expect?

Engadget and others will be live blogging.

I wouldnt be surprised to see a beta form of their gaikai intergration into their new set of smart TVs.  Vita price cut?  would be a good time to announce one.

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Kelly Clarkson!

badgenome said:
Kelly Clarkson!

They might go big time this year and get Taylor Swift to perform!

Confirmation of PS2 being finished.


Vita/PS3 cut

Take your pick!

A big tv nobody can afford

Some new phones.

Perhaps a tablet or two.

Some hybrid laptop/tablet windows 8 thingies

and finally something about Eco-systems.

Dont Think...

televandalist Animated Gif on Giphy


A New Day....

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no stream , i want to see it .

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
no stream , i want to see it .

The Rebirth of the MIGHTIEST KING teh PSOne!!!!!!!

-Gaikai's involvement with future Sony products. (75%)
-Vita Memory Card price cuts or the system's main price cut (50%)
-New TV (85%)
-4k resolution explanation or demonstration (70%)
-Improved version of blu-ray (?)/bigger data rate (5%)
-Playstation 4 (20%)
-End of Playstation 2 (90%)
-Reboot of Playstation 1 for collectors mostly kinda like the NeoGeo Gold (5%)
-Re-designed PSVita (20%)
-End of a branch (10%)
-Cable service (25%)
-New Phone/Tablet (65%)
-PSVita/PS3 bundle (10%)
-New re-designed Walkman (10%)
-New device other than already listed here (20%)
-Full fledged partnership with another developer (i.e. Valve) (5%)
-Sony dropping out of the console race (5%)

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in how much will it start?

Bet With Zero: He says WiiU and XB1 gap will be higher than 1.9M by end of 2014, i say it will grow smaller or vanish. 

Bet with Pezus: i win if Watch dogs sells more on PS3+360  than on next gen PS4 + Xbox One. winner gets 1 month sig control

Bet With JoeTheBro: He says WiiU in Jan 2013 > XB1 Jan 2014, i say the opposite.