Forums - Gaming Discussion - Whatever became of last guardian and final fantasy versus?

These two game showed alot of promise and generated alot of excitement amongst gamers on this site,where are they now?i was really anxious about the last guardian.

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Laat Guardian has been a mess for about 3 Years.

Versus XIII had all staff removed from the project to focus on fixing FFXIV. It is simply delayed and probably coming to next-gen.

Final Fantasy versus -> debacle of Final Fantasy XIV and the upcoming failure of a realm reborn. SE just put too much focus on that game

i dont know how the fack sony didnt kill that title , the last guardian studio didnt make a game this gen 7 years only sucking money, probably is for ps4 now.

square delay vs so much that i dont think people care about it anymore when next gen consoles will arrive this year.


If The Last Guardian is still being made, then I think itīs a PS4 game by now.

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The last guardian is being fixed up by Sony Santa Monica. There is a chance it might release this year or next. Still PS3 as far as we know.

Team ICO kind of fell apart and the development on PS3 was too much for them since they started early before a ton of middle ware was developed by other studios and they probably kept having to redo their code.

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Remember when Jack Tretton complained about leaks spoiling the excitement of the Last Guardian E3 reveal...

At E3 2009!!!!

Unbelievable. Good old Jack.

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Sony obviously have a fear of money therefore these games were stopped. They'll never see the light of day and if they do they'll either be a)dated or b) completely different creatures. Sony clearly was/is very out of touch with what people wanted/still want.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII team is helping with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A staggering 300 member team.

SE is putting in every ounce of man power they got into FFXIV:ARR. Don't worry though it is coming out soon this year, then its full speed ahead for Final Fantasy Versus XIII development. (i hope)

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They will most probably be PS 4 titles now.