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Which starter is the best?

Fennekin (Fire starter) 186 60.59%
Chespin (Grass Starter) 60 19.54%
Forakie (Water Starter) 57 18.57%


Fire Starter


Grass Starter

Water Starter

New info from Gematsu


Following this morning’s announcement, a few additional details on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have come out of the Japanese media.


Here are some choice tidbits from Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara in a note attached to this morning’s Japanese press release.


In addition to existing Pokemon, there will be a large number of completely new Pokemon. The additions will bring the total number of Pokemon in the franchise from the current 649 to over 700.

Because of Pokemon X and Y, the Pokemon anime, movies, card game, and merchandise will “break into a new dimension.”

People around the world will be able to simultaneously experience “Real Play.” (I’m assuming this is referring to the game’s global October release.)

The game will utilize the 3DS to its maximum abilities to leverage its overwhelmingly beautiful presentation.

The game uses an innovative communication system that makes it feel as if you are playing with other players around the world.

The bonds between players and Pokemon will deepen, and Pokemon will become stronger with the new battle structure.

Everyone will enjoy the game’s scenario and music.




Battle and Overworld (gif):


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This has reached E3 levels for me.

So...this is a bad sign?

If there was anyone to make this thread I knew that it would be you. I also love how one of the poll options is R/S/E Remake for DS. I expect R/S/E Remake for 3DS.

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I no nothing about Pokemon. But I would expect this is going to be somewhat of a big deal.

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gen6, however i feel as though they may be changing up the series. how im not sure but i feel this will be a big change and improvement for pokemon. some of those other answers although fine dont seem important enough for the hype its gotten and its own direct. btw hype level 97% =)

R/S/E remakes for 3DS Plox!

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I'm hoping for a ruby and saphire remake!!! hoenn is the only region i have yet to play in.

Since a Pokemon spinoff has been recently launched i expect a main Pokemon game for holiday 2013 in Jpn

This is a good sign...but the actual announcement for today was an announcement of an announcement?



Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.