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Nvidia, Out Of Nowhere, Announces A New Gaming Handheld


Nvidia just surprised a whole bunch of people by announcing, of all things, a dedicated gaming handheld during the company's CES press conference.

Based on the new Tegra 4 mobile chip, also announced at the show, it's code-named Nvidia Shield. There are 5-10 hours of battery life.

Running on Android, it's got a MicroSD slot and HDMI output.

Source: http://kotaku.com/5973641/nvidia-out-of-nowhere-announces-a-new-gaming-handheld?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow



Not sure if it was posted couldnt find it....is this true o.O?


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Anymore pics?


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PScollector said:
Anymore pics?

There's another one or two in the source but I cant copy and paste it here for some reason.




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I'd be excited if it wasn't just an Android device like the one I already have. I'm sure it will kick ass, but even with a controller none of my Android games can compare to my 3DS games.

The problem will all the new Android gaming consoles/handhelds is that they are limited by the lowest common denominator. Mobile gaming developers have to make their games work on a Galaxy S, Galaxy SIII, and everything in-between.

That's why Android and iOS games will never be able to compete with closed single run dedicated consoles.

I'll play Angry Birds on the go when I don't want to hall around more than one device and I'll enjoy Zelda OoT 3D when I want a real game.

More info here. http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/7/3845282/nvidia-announces-project-shield-handheld-gaming-system

Esthetically this looks horrible to me...but hey, one mans trash is another mans treasure. Seems like a decent gaming/multimedia alternative to Ps vita.

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It's cool and all but the Shield Tablet has a better future. Well not sales wise but the eventual partnership it will being them. Like when Nintendo make a handheld/console hybrid called the Nintendo Switch. That's the future for their powerful mobile chips... Man I'm so hyped for when that day comes

The project is called nVidia Shield and looks nice.

There is the nVidia Grid too... an integrated cloud computing device... if I'm not wrong the Sony Gaikai uses the nVidia Grid.

SPOILER ALERT!!! It will bomb. (atleast if you compare it to 3DS and even Vita)


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Metrium said:
SPOILER ALERT!!! It will bomb. (atleast if you compare it to 3DS and even Vita)

I think it'll probably get around N-Gage numbers or less ;x.


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You can do remote play with Shield plus PC... run a game in PC with GeForce and stream it to Shield.

Almost a Wii U for PC.