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I bought Mario Tennis for Gameboy Color, for $5. I remember very clearly that a portion of the label was torn off. Later on,I put it in storage, with a bunch of other, older games, for a few months. Recently, I took all my games, out of storage, and I look at the game, and the rip is gone. The label is complete. How could this be? It's so weird.

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i dont know are you sure it was torn off

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do you believe in ghoststories?

Wow nintendo is good..

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meh, thats a simple mystery to solve, it was the work of..
underwear gnomes!.. dont say anything, just think about it...

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I borrowed my cousin's copy of "Kings of the Beach" for the Nes without his knowledge a couple decades ago. A friend of mine borrowed it and GAVE IT AWAY. I had my mom buy me a copy of that volleyball game, and slipped it back into my cousin's collection.

However, in your situation, this is obviously the work of under-pants gnomes.

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its gotta be pixies. that pixie dust is powerful shit.

maybe it was next gen?