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Will Killzone Mercenary be a flop?

Yes, it will be very bad. 73 39.67%
No, the game will be awesome! 111 60.33%

There have been very few details for the game, as only 20 second gameplay footage.

It was announced in Gamescom 2012, and basically you fight for both Helghast and ISA!

Question is, will it be a flop?

Both FPS games on the PS VITA (Resistance: Burning Skies, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, both developed by Nihilistic) were a huge flop, but Killzone Mercenary is being developed by Guerilla Games, the developers of the whole Killzone series and it will be using the same engine as Killzone 3.

Do you think it will succeed and  help the PS VITA?

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It's possible but It looks good so far. Not sure I was able to say the same thing about the first trailers for Resistance and CoD.

True that we have'nt seen much so far but I'm not worried. If we don't hear anything by E3 I will start worrying. (Wich I would'nt be surprised tho cause I cant say I could possibly be surprised if Sony don't talk about the vita much E3, if they don't it means they gave up.)


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Call of duty is reaching half a million sold. 15 percent attach rate is hardly a flop. Critically sure.

Anyway, Killzone should do pretty well.

In terms of sales yeah.

Without clear definitions of "success" and "flop" it is difficult to say ...

Unless it is heavily bundled I think it will be the worst selling Killzone title released though

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it looks waaay more polished than either CoD and Resistance, so I hope quality wise it will be a great title

I'm not sure how it will sell, but at least it's being made by the original developer.

I dont think so, If it sells half a mil then the attach ratio should be good! I'll say it flops if it doesn't sell 300k within 3 months after launch! (since vita will probably have alot more hardware sold by then!)

Unlike most of the vita games that were supposed to be big, I have not heard of this. Should do half of CoD vita.

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Actually it is made by Cambridge studios, in collaboration with Guerrilla. IMO it will have a good critical reception, and probably decent sales. Im predicting a 70-80 score, and probably a 500-900k sales, without bundles, LT.