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As the title says, my mother wants a tablet and asked me what she should get. I don't own a tablet as of yet and haven't really payed much attention to them so I don't know much about them. Her use of it would be very basic, web browsing mostly with maybe some picture and music usage. She is 74 yrs. old and cheap. First thing that comes to mind is the Kindle but I dunno. What would you guys get and why? Thanks.

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Kindle = Price wise

iPad = If she wants it as a fad item.


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get her a kindle fire. does the basics well at a cheap price, reliable brand/company.

This should get interesting.
I say ipad as it has by far the best apps BUT cheaper would be the Kimdle Fire and for her would probably be the best choice :)

well my advice is that if she has a smartphone get her a tablet with the same OS. sorry i couldnt help more

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Kindle Fire is probably the way to go. The original should go for around 150 and it will do everything she needs.

Don't go cheap, get a Ipad. Well worth it.

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Kindle Fire would be the good/cheap choice.

The iPad would be the great/somewhat expensive choice.
I have an iPad and I really enjoy it.

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Get her a Wii U, the tablet is fantastic!