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Sony has always held a grudge against used games, even back before the launch of the Playstation 3 but it never went through. This time though, they're actually doing it. A patent that would inevitably bring the Playstation 4 down to its knees was filed back in September 2012.

So basically the patent is to combat used games. An RFID chip will be placed on every disc made for the Playstation 4. When a disk is inserted for the first time on a console, the chip will link the disc and the console like Siamese twins, never to be separated. The worst part about this whole thing is that the chip can check the compatibility while its offline. You cannot even play offline.

So this may not seem like much to some of you. I know selling used games is not the biggest thing in our region. However, this also means that we cannot borrow or trade games with our friends! If I wanted to lend you Killzone for the weekend, I would have to give you my Playstation 4 and Killzone. Here is a question, what if my Playstation 4 broke and I had to replace it with another console, what then? Would that RFID chip be able to tell that? I doubt it. 

A lot of businesses depend on used games. Gamestop, one of the leading retailers in the U.S, where the selling and trading of used games are on top, saw a sudden drop in their stock overnight. This decision will not only bring down the retail business but it might even bring down Sony's business. SCEA voiced their concern about a decision like this, but ultimately, it's up to Sony Computer Entertainment in Tokyo.

Why in the world would Sony file this patent if Microsoft and Nintendo aren't? If the three of them implemented the RFID chip, then it would make a little more sense. If I can't borrow, trade or sell my own games, why would I even buy the Playstation 4? I'm sorry but God of War and Uncharted are definitely not good enough for me to go through with a decision like that. 

At the end of the day, Sony is a corporation. A rather large corporation, so making money is priority number one. What better way to make money than make every Playstation 4 owner purchase their own games at full price. Broken console? Trunk full of games? Sorry pal. If they honestly believe that their consumers would go and buy a whole new console and re-purchase all those games again, they're enormously mistaken.


Source: http://www.at7addak.com/en/Articles/226627/News/PS3/Sony-Just-Patented-its-Own-Downfall

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I don't think that they ever announced that they would really be using this. It's just a patent.

But if they are going to use this patent, then I agree, they patented their failure.

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If Sony was actually planning to implement this I think in just this 2 days they made decision not to. I mean the internet has gone crazy about this and Sony must have seen that. 

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Patents sometimes never see the light of day. Its an option, but I honestly dont see Sony doing this for real.


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Stupid man sounds stupid. His attempts at logic are pathetic.

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Sony patented it in 2005 as well, apparently.  So I'll believe it when I see it.

If it actually happened, I don't know how I'd feel.  For every studio which gets shut down for their games not selling enough copies, there's me buying used copies.  I try to buy new wherever possible these days, but I'd still like to have the option.

What I'd like to see more than anything is a proper pricing system sorted out for next generation.  Some games just aren't worth full price and shouldn't be sold at it even when they first launch, imo.  They'd sell more if they just launched for less, but I guess that means less profits (or a gamble that they'll sell so much more that it'll make up for that £10 less per copy).

Patcher's analysis (I think it was him) is surprisingly apt for once, though.  If this were real, I reckon it'll be used as a lure for third parties "You can use this if you want", just to win back some favour with them.  Then again, Sony have been pushy with online passes.


In the end, it's an interesting time.  If Sony actually implemented this and MS didn't, I'd really have to think about which - if any - of the next gen consoles I want.  It's gonna be an interesting time, though.

JoeTheBro said:
Stupid man sounds stupid. His attempts at logic are pathetic.

Seriously? Do you actually support Sony implementing this in the PS4? :0

It's not the first one, and they are not the first to support it. Anyway, it would be linked to your account, not the system.

I've never bought a second hand game before. I'd miss the "new game" smell too much.

I'd be surprised if MS aren't working on something similar.

Man, SONY hasn't even announced anything yet and people are freakin' out O_O'

Dat sensationalism! Journalist these days...

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