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What video games that are not well known would you recommend? System doesn't matter. Name a game that you enjoyed that not many people know about. 

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None. My tastes are too mainstream it seams :p

sound shapes and to the moon

Lost Odyssey - What Final Fantasy 13 should've been


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JayWood2010 said:

Lost Odyssey - What Final Fantasy 13 should've been

Totally agree!

Psychonauts for the PS2, original Xbox and PC. One of the best 3D platformers I played in a very long time. The game have everything: great gameplay, very original, amazing writing, cool and lovable characters, funny as f*ck. It's a really amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone. One of the characters is my avatar :)  

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Gregory Horror Show. I've already bigged it up on this forum once, but still.

Oh, and Starhawk.

Turok series for N64