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Ninja Theory's reboot of the Devil May Cry series is due in within a couple of weeks, 15 January 2013, and the first few reviews are coming in. Thread will be updated when new reviews start coming in. There are only print reviews so far, so they can't be linked to, but once the online reviews come up links will be provided. DmC demo has been on the Playstation Store and Xbox Live for the last few weeks, with some good impressions so far.

I'm aware the ending has been leaked (apparently). However these is not a thread for that; I trust no one will bring spoilers into this thread what so ever.

The Guardian: (No score):

Star Pluse: (No score):

Kotaku: (No score):

ShopTo: (No score):

Attack of the Fanboy: (No score):

MTV: (No score):

Shack News: (No score):

1up: A:

Giant Bomb: 5/5:

Stuff: 5/5:

The Telegraph: 5/5:

Chechester Observer: 5/5:

Burnley Express: 5/5:

EGM: 9.5/10:

Electronic Theatre: 91/100:

The Sun: 9/10:

HardGame2: 9/10:

Destructoid: 9/10:

Level: 9/10:

Xbox 360 UK 9/10:

GameInformer: 9/10 (Game of the Month)

CVG: 9/10:

Crtical Gamer: 9/10:

Nowgamer: 9/10:

Spong: 9/10:

Playfront: 9/10:

God is a Geek: 9/10:

Ready-Up Net: 9/10:

Gamereactor EU: 9/10:

It Pro Portal: 9/10:

Trusted Reviews: 9/10:

Digital Trends: 9/10:

Mitch Reviews: 9/10:

Machinima: 9/10:

The Koalition: 90/100:

Hardcore Gamers Magazine: 4.5/5:

Gamer Living: 4/5:

Gamesmaster: 89/100:

Play3: 89/100:

IGN (Xbox 360): 8.9/10:

LAPS3: 8.8:

MondoXbox: 8.7/10:

Meristation: 8.6/10:

IGN (PS3): 8.5/10:

Gamesbeat: 85/100:]

Gametrailers: 8.5/10:

Vandal Online: 8.5/10:

Famitsu: 34/40 (8/9/8/9):

Gaming Age: B+:

Edge: 8/10:

IB Times: 8/10:

Polygon: 8/10:

Crave Online: 8/10:

Strategy Informer: 8/10:

Thunderbolt: 8/10:

Metro: 8/10:

Propbucket: 8/10:

Eurogamer: 8/10:

Eurogamer Germany: 8/10:

Gamespot: 8/10:;DmcDevilMayCryReview;DmcDevilMayCryReview

Xbox 360 Achievements: 9/10:

Videogamer: 8/10:

Push Square: 8/10:

Explosion: 8/10:

Digital Spy: 4/5:

T3: 4/5:

Gamesradar: 4/5:

Time: 4/5:

Digital Spy: 4/5:

Playstation Offical Magazine: 8/10:

Tech Digest: 4/5:

Daily Mail: 4/5:

PC World: 4/5:

The Sixth Axis: 7/10:

Gaming Blend: 3.5/5:

The Escapist: 3.5/5:

DmC Original Soundtrack  (1 review)

Forbes: 8/10:

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Here are the scans of the Gamesmaster review; if their not allowed I will take them down.

Gameplay videos removed and updated with the final trailer. The amazing 'DmC launch trailer'.

No 10/10? Im canceling my pre-order!

Nsanity said:
No 10/10? Im canceling my pre-order!

Well these are only the first few reviews, but theres bound to be 7-10s here and there, when the rest of the reviews come in we'll know for sure.

Saw a 89 in there.

That's it, terrible game.

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Waiting for the "uwahhh emo dante is stupid lets give this a bad score" reviews. We all know they are comming.

But so far so good. Definitly gonna get the game.

I will probably rent it.

All that matters is the combat and that 89% review claimed it's no where near as fluid as the original DMC games, so all that praise for the level design seems rather moot. Hopefully the PC version running at 60fps makes the game more fluid as I couldn't tolerate the gameplay in the demo on my PS3, as it felt too slow and disjointed.

good scores so far.

I'm cautiously considering giving this game a chance.