Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Important new Pokemon announcement on January 8 (Pokemon Gen 6?)

"Last week, during a Pokemon commercial, a new announcement on the Pokemon series was teased for Jan 8. But today the official Pokemon site itself has updated, formally confirming that there will be an important announcement on Jan 8 2013 in Japan. It tells fans to bookmark the page to prepare for the update next week.

Sounds like there's going to be a new game? Could this finally be the 3DS Pokemon announcement?"

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I think it'll be an iOS game. Exciting!

I dunno...

In Japan, in the Anime, theyre about to finish the Unova League.

Finishing the League usually means that a new generation isnt far away, the problem is it seems like theyre continuing the B/W saga on with some N series.

I predict Pokemon Snap WiiU/3DS. Or Gen 3 Remakes!


Whatever it is, I wanna know asap!

I want it to be the next gen 3D Pokemon but I know I shouldn't

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I believe this was posted by someone else about a week ago. None the less I'm excited to see what it is. Hoping for gen 6

If its Gen VI expect a late 2013/early 2014 release.

Hoping more for a Pokemon Stadium-esque Wii U game.

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This is a repeat thread.

But anyway I think it's going to be the Wii U version of Pokemon Battle Revolution for generation 5. I would hope for a 3DS Pokemon RPG though.


I hope is Mario conquest Pokemon Islands (or wherever they are playing) -

Alexandrite Mario pokingdom and Spinel Luigi pokosthouse.

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Realistic predictions: I'd say either Gen III remake on 3DS or console pokemon.

Unlikely, but possible: Pokemon Gen VI

What everybody wants, but won't get: Pokemmo