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PS3 GTA5 will sell more than 360 LTD

Yes 144 59.75%
No 97 40.25%

Xbox with good lead like COD, early PS3 not far behind. they will both sell well, although I don't feel the hype I felt for GTA4.

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iFlow said:

going by GTA4 sales, this should be relatively easy win for ps3. its europe that will do most of the damage. problem is, vgchartz tracking in europe is not very accurate. also GTA4 on ps3 may have passed the 360 version ages ago.


thats from 2009.

That goes two ways, Xbox may have more of a market share in Europe since the tracked data is inaccurate. Besides, GTA's biggest market is the US.


But, it doesn't matter. As long as the game sells well on both platforms, im happy.

according to rockstar GTA4 was split 50/50 between US and europe aswell, so the US is not GTA's biggest market.

Yeah, the two combined. Even the data here is inaccurate, we still can get a glimpse or glimmer of the sales in Europe. the US accounts for 10million sales whereas Europe accounts for 6million.