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Since this is a gaming related site, I take for granted that everyone here does a lot of gaming. But I'm curious as to what else people here might be doing on their spare time. So please tell me a bit about your non-gaming hobbies^^

Mine's drawing.

And Warhammer:

I used to play tennis too but wasn't that good at it, and now with university, I don't have time for it.


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Reading and writing... actually I do both way more than gaming nowadays.






Reading. I used to do Judo, but no time with college now.

haxxiy said:
Reading and writing... actually I do both way more than gaming nowadays.

It's the same for me. In fact, most of the time when I'm doing something gaming-related, it's being on VGChartz xD


Besides gaming, I like to write and watch sports. I also enjoy reading history from various countries and folklore/lore/myths.

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Drawing, playing piano, reading, watching TV series.

I collect and read Comic Books and play some miniature wargames such as HeroClix, HeroScapes, Axis and Allies and other Miniature board games except for Warhammer. There's two reason why I don't play Warhammer.

#1 It cost too much and #2 I can't paint worth shit

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Writing, basketball, movies, animation, music, playing drums, reading ancient history, working out

I read comics, only 3 monthly books at the moment, Uncanny, Xmen (legeacy) and Avengers. Too expensive in the UK and starting to get fed up with Marvel's big events direction and X-men's direction especially. Bendis needs to go from Marvel. He's great but stick him back on his noir stuff like Alias. Writers can't do their own stories anymore as a big event will change everything again and get in the way because of cross arcs. Finally read Avengers vs X-men in the great Panini collection, wasn't worth it. Nice ideas, bad execution.

Bit of rock climbing too.

Hmm, pie.