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The Wii is around 98 million whereas both PS3 and Xbox360 are low 70s million.  PS3 sold about 11 million this year and Wii sold around 5 million this year.  The Wii sales should drop even more with the WiiU out.  Depending on when the next gen consoles are released, both Xbox360 and PS3 should sell another 11 million this year (give or take 1 million or so).  PS3 and Xbox360 could still sell moderately better than the Wii few years after the respective PS and Xbox next consoles are released (if there is a good price drop after the next gen consoles are released).   Maybe in 3-4 years, can Wii be knocked from the 1st place console sales for this gen?

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simple answer is no


Tsubasa Ozora

Keiner kann ihn bremsen, keiner macht ihm was vor. Immer der richtige Schuss, immer zur richtigen Zeit. Superfussball, Fairer Fussball. Er ist unser Torschützenkönig und Held.

no way.

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I think the PS3 has another 3-4 solid years ahead of it. Even 360 if MS doesn't abandon it.

Actually wouldn't surprise me if PS3 outsells the Wii U for several years. Lower price point, cheaper games, far bigger library, Blu-Ray playback, PSN, larger install base to sell to for devs, similar graphical fidelity, etc.

Especially wait till you have $179.99 and lower SKUs on the PS3 as a standard. 

Maybe. Depends if Sony use their 12 year life cycle plan with the PS3, it may out sell the Wii as it's sales are still much, much stronger. I've no idea what MS life cycle plan is but if that keeps going, it has a smaller chance, but nevertheless a chance, at out selling the wii.

PS3 will pass Wii's sale because of every playstation's leg and life. 360 will be dead after 720 comes out so it can't.

PS3 probably will, I don't see the Xbox doing it though.

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Dont think so at all.