Who's More popular? Pikachu or Sonic?

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More Known throughout the world is....

Pikachu! 186 79.49%
Sonic! 37 15.81%
There both pretty much the same! 11 4.70%

We all know Mario hands down is by far mst recognizable character in gaming! So are others just not on his level! But out of these two who is more known WorldWide?

Pikachu or Sonic?

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What the fuck is "Sonic"?

obviously Pikachu is WAY more popular around the globe

I'd say Pikachu is up there with Mario. If you asked anyone if they knew what Pikachu was they'd be able to tell you.

Sonic is very close too.

Pikachu is bigger then mario, so obviously sonic doesn't stand a chance.

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What the fuck is "Sonic"?

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Pikachu. Sonic is currently very small. His only games that have sold well recently are the olympic games and those are selling due to mario, not him. Obviously he is pretty popular. Probably more so than any new character from this gnereation for example. But pikachu is probably second only to mario. While I can list a dozen+ characters more popular than Sonic.

These days it is Pikachu.

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I think you'd have a similar number of people be able to identify both characters, but (probably) more people would be positive about Pikachu

But....Sonic's the fastest thing alive!