To those who purchased Wii U: How much money did you actually spend?

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So bros, how much money did you actually spend?

$300 7 8.54%
$350 7 8.54%
$400 13 15.85%
$450 8 9.76%
$500 9 10.98%
$550 9 10.98%
$600 7 8.54%
$700 5 6.10%
$800 2 2.44%
$850+?! 15 18.29%

I'm finally getting closer to buying a Wii U (read: I'm a poor college student and I can't afford it yet) and I want to know how much you guys actually spent on buying a Wii U. 

So far, for me it's looking like this...

$350 - Basic
$50 - Pro Controller
$60 - Super Mario Wii U
$?! - Tax


around $550~ for me. More if I get a 250GB HD like planned. . . 

How about you guys? 

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$45-new super mario bros u
$50-nintendo cash card

$380 deluxe (includes tax)
$100 for Mario and Batman (got them in a toysrus deal)
480 total
didn't need any extra controllers or anything cause of my investment with the Wii. I eventually plan on getting the procontroller, but i guarantee you'll love the gamepad


Here's some previously collected info if anyone is curious.

Here was my OP from that thread:
"Deluxe Wii U $350
Pro Controller $50
ZombiU $60
NSMBU $0 :) (Old Navy)
2x nunchuk $40

Total so far: $560 (before sales tax of 11%)

Now, I have also sold my PS3 for $250 and hopefully my Wii soon for at least $80 (two full controllers and WiiSports + Wii Play). That along with selling two PS3 games separately for a total of $50 and using a $25 giftcard I got from NewEgg on a phone deal means I will have actually only spent about $155. :)"

Add to that the Skylanders Giants game for my kids at $50 and I've spent about $200 once you figure in the items I've sold. (I did sell my Wii for $80)

deluxe 350
nsmbu 60
2x wiiu wiimotes 80
490+ alot of tax

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ZombiU pack 399€ 255€ (Since I knew about the Wii U one and a half year before hand I took multiple opportunities to get discounted or free amazon credit like opening a new bank account (needed a new one anyway, net me 50€ amazon credit and another 50€ cash, didn't even count the cash towards this))

Darksiders 2 59,99€ 9,99€ (but I had to trade in Rayman Origins (Wii) and Super Mario Galaxy 2, the last one hurt pretty badly. But I hope for an HD remake anyway.)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 49,99€ 34,95€ (random discount code exploitation)

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 49,99€ 23,95€ (Zavvi WiiU buyers promotion, even though I didn't buy a WiiU from them)

Nintendo Land 59,99€ 31,20€ (e-bay)

Trine 2 19,99€ 13,49€ (eShop)

Nano Assault Neo 9,99€ (eShop)


= 378,57€, except Nintendo Land everything bought @ launch day or pre-ordered. Pretty decent price imho.


I had Wiimote+ and Nunchucks before but you can slap 20€ onto this for another motion plus add-on and a wireless nunchuk to make myself 3 player metroid blast ready.

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

Console 350
ZombiU 60
Tekken 60

350 deluxe wiiu
60 zombiu
They had no pro controllers in stock :(
Total came out to $434.60 with 6% sales tax

$350 for the Wii U system with Nintendoland ...

I've taken a new strategy with buying systems and I'm not trying to own all the games I want (or all of the accessories) on day 1. I planned to play Nintendoland until I was bored with it and then buy other games but I was given ZombiU and New Super Mario for Christmas which (kind-of) ruined that strategy.

Wii U Deluxe - 350
Black Ops 2 - 50
Mario U - 60
Sonic - 40
Trine 2 - 16
Nano - 10

Total: 526$ - add 14% tax