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Now that most if not all big name websites have published their favorite games of 2012. What is your GoTY for 2012?

Rules: Pick your GoTY and state why, and also choose a Runner up and explain as well.

Wagram's GoTY 2012:

Mass Effect 3 was something special. It was an end to an emotional story arc, and it had an ending that for better or worse got people talking and emotionally involved. The gameplay was crisp, the story was excellent, and it was just all around fun. Personally I enjoyed the original ending over the extended ending. There was more room for interpretation, and imagination. It had me up half the night thinking about what happened and guessing what the fate of the galaxy was. Not to say I didn't enjoy the extened ending though.

Runner up 2012:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was definitely an interesting experience. It brought about some strange changes such a dialogue trees, and a pet system similar to pokemon. The story was fun, but you really had to stay on top of it to know what was going on. The characters were awesome, especially Caius. The music was sent from heaven (except that damn metal head chocobo song and boss theme). The only reason this game falls short of my GoTY is because it's so damn easy. Square please don't treat your players like brain dead children ; ;

Note: Xenoblade can technically be tied for Runner up. HOWEVER like any good JRPG fan I imported it last year so it doesn't count this year for me.

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Black Ops II. Finally some real deep changes to both the SP campaign with branching storylines and strike missions, plus the MP with the Pick 10 system.

Runner up, probably XCom.

Also, most surprising: Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. A Nintendo clone done right, it's actually better than MK imho.

Hitman: Absolution.

I didn't like it at first, but grew on me a lot. Challenging. Crazy ways to kill people. Looks amazing too.

Runner ups.
Ffxiii-2. Some really cool mechanics. But,  a bit too easy and not enough areas. Time travel gives u headache espessialywhen not done well like steins gate or back to the future. Still really interesting though.

Dishonored. About as good as invisible war IMO. Really good. Too short' small, okay music. Bad plot. These are my favorite type of games though.


Runner Up:

Game of the year for me: Pokemon Black 2.

Runner up: Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3

no real surprises for me.

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I am with you wagram, mass effect 3 is my GOTY , sadly i dojt have runner ups cause the other 2012 games i played where meh


Game of the year: Journey

Runner up: Starhawk

Mine has to be Mass Effect 3, Civ 5, and Counterstrike Global Offensive.


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Halo 4 followed by ME3, with the added Bioware DLC endings offcourse.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

Journey for me by a mile. A runner up would probably be sound shapes