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MS and AMD has finished preliminary works on Xbox 720 CPU/APU architecture [we still dont know what exactly they are making], and they've sent final designs to be manufactured. If these wafers come out good and without bugs or yield problems, the most important part of Xbox 720 will be ready for mass production in few months. Taping process usualy lasts two months, with one additional month for detailed testing. 


This may just be a rumour, but I've been expecting MS to launch their next gen console this year, so I think this could be fairly accurate, or should I say...semi accurate! =D  ....okay.

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iknteresting. it would be good to see a new console in 2013!


That's the worst SemiAccurate article I ever read.

I can't understand anything except it's coming in 2013, unless it doesn't.

lol captain obvious.

Anyway a console needs to enter in production at least 6 months before the release... that's give us a release after July.

The AMD China guy said the same thing than Charlie a few days ago.

"coming holiday 2013 if there is no "accident" anymore"

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2013 if all goes to plan. Question is if PS4 is 2013. Thats still up in the air.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

sales2099 said:
2013 if all goes to plan. Question is if PS4 is 2013. Thats still up in the air.

The more they wait, the harder NA will be for them, so they will try hard to launch this year.

OT: Seems that they fixed the issues they had. Good. Now let's hope that there are no other problems.


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