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How big will WiiFitU be?

Gigantic!! The biggest WiiFit yet!! 5 10.64%
Huge! It will match other WiiFits! 3 6.38%
Large. About 75% of the orignal. 9 19.15%
Moderate size. 10 million is still a lot. 13 27.66%
Small. 3.5 million housewives and counting... 13 27.66%
Tiny. Total bust. WiiFit is so 2009. 4 8.51%
Where's my Call of Duty!?! 0 0.00%
I hate CASUALZZ!!!! 0 0.00%

WiiFit was a title that surprised me. I never in a million years would have thought it would be the phenominon that it was and still is. I have never even seen it in action, nor do I have any of intention of ever doing so. That said, it sold 22million and counting. I was curious what you think will be the success of WiiFitU. I see a lot of people saying the fad is over and FitU won't have near the impact of previous entries in the series, and that it won't drive WiiU sales.

Since I have no interest in the game and don't know why people liked it in the first place, the best I can do is look at numbers:

WiiFit sold 22.73 million.

WiiFitPlus sold 21.03 million.

WiiFitPlus sold 1.05 million in 2012 alone.


Loooking at this info I can say several things. 1. WiiFit series was massive. 2. The sequal, released 2 years later, had great fan base retention at 92.5%. 3. The series still has decent intersest despite the last entry being 4 years old.

So where will WiiFitU go? Sometimes downward trends continue, sometimes series completely die, sometimes the 3rd part of a trilogy recaptures something from the original that was lost in the sequal and becomes the biggest title to date. Personally, I doubt FitU will bring something revolutionary that will recapture the original buzz. There is also competitin from options such as kinect. If marketed right, however, it could become something trendy again since people enjoyed the first one enough to buy the sequel. I think it will be big, slightly less big than the first two entries. What do you think?

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Very hard to predict - Wii Fit released to an already significant userbase and probably helped sustain sales of the Wii for quite a while. The new one will release to a much smaller userbase and is unlikely to tempt many to lay out 300 for the privilege of using it. So in the first year at least, I would expect sales of FitU to be relatively modest - perhaps 'only' a couple of million. But as the price of the Wii U comes down and more system-selling titles release for it, so the pace of userbase growth should increase and sales of FitU keep ticking along. It also depends whether Nintendo release FitU Plus (Wii Fit Plus saw the original Wii Fit being discontinued). But this is very speculative. Much depends on the success of the WiiU. If it is a big success, I think FitU will be too. But I wouldn't expect FitU to make the WiiU a success - at least not at the WiiU's current price, and not to the extent that I think Wii Fit contributed to the Wii's success.

Depending on how casual friendly the WiiU becomes. It could do very well. I would say at least 10 million.

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11mil life time.... with very cheap balance board!


I wouldn't be surprised if it broke 10 million, but even if it doesn't come close to that the franchise will remain profitable for Nintendo.

I think the inclusion of a dance routine in the game will help a lot.

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Not sure to be honest. There is a lot of Wii fit like games in the market already. If i had to guess around 10-15 million lifetime.
Will they have bundle the game with the board?
I'm sure they could attract more people who didn't own the first two. Just hope they have a standalone game.

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Wii U instal base is relatively tiny right now, and since it's not the phenomenon the Wii was I have a hard time seeing this title going super nova. 10m tops. But who know, maybe this is the title that will sell Wii U? I voted "small"

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Great opinions. Couple points: WiiFit launced in October 2007 so the Wii userbase was only 13 million. WiiFitU should launch in Q1 2013 so the user base should be about 4 million. The Fit games seem to have great legs, so I don't know if the existing install base is important or not, or whether FitU will drive the install base up.

As some have mentioned, there are a ton of competing products out now. There also be a case of this fitness bubble bursting slightly, the same way the brain training one did.

But I think the power to play it anywhere in the house is going a massive selling point. I'm predicting 7-9m lifetime sales.

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Using the pedometer and loading the data to the program using NFC could be a novel selling point.