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Great news for Alan Wake fans as Remedy’s franchise is now available with a 75% discount on Steam. For only 8,99€, PC gamers can get Alan Wake, Alan Wake: American Nightmare and Alan Wake Collector’s Edition Extras. But wait, we’ve got some more news to share as it seems that 2013 will be the year of Alan Wake 2′s reveal. Or at least that’s what we hope so.
On Alan Wake’s official FB page, Remedy has revealed that it will be sharing more greater news about what they’ve been up to. The intereting part here is that this hint was shared on Alan Wake’s FB page, suggesting that Remedy has been working on something new about it.
Moreover, Alan Wake’s and Max Payne’s writer, Sam Lake, has also unveiled that Remedy will be revealing this year what they’ve been up to all this time.

Sam Lake has been teasing gamers with various hints this past year. Remedy’s writer shared – back in June – a blog with posts that shared similar scenes and characters found in Alan Wake. Even though nothing noteworthy came out of this blog, it could very well be a viral marketing for this rumored sequel to Alan Wake.

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Surprising I didn't think the first one sold so well, Hope they make more though seem like a pretty kool kinda game.

ALAN WAKE 2 for XBOX360 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

think-man said:
Surprising I didn't think the first one sold so well, Hope they make more though seem like a pretty kool kinda game.

Coming out around the same time as Red Dead Redemption and getting pirated the crap of wouldnt have helped sales.

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My body is ready for this. I fully expect it to be a launch title. Microsoft will do Remedy right with marketing this time.

Good. Was a great game that sold well, not sure why people are saying I didn't. Many games would kill for 1.2m sales. Certainly many recent exclusives would.

Look forward to it.

I'm not really here!

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January Nextbox reveal would be good

I bought into my own hype with the first Alan wake, what a mistake that was.

I really liked the first game so I'm very glad about a possible second game.

I want to know how the story continues!


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