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So my wife just bought me a Wii U for christmas/new years and i got it today because well i am a gamer and have a ps3 and xbox360 i didnt have a wii cuz the motion control stuff wasnt to my liking.

i was looking at some games like wonderful 101 looks really cool and others as well.

my main concern is with the PS4/NEXTBOX coming in the future with the rumors of the graphics card for the systems being out is it going to blow the Wii U out of the water? or is it going to be somewhat comparable? 

i guess i am asking this is because i am wondering if i should keep or return the Wii U.......


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Well you have to ask yourself, is the console worth it for the next iterations of Mario, Zelda and Super Smash? If yes, then keep it :)

Nintendo will always be behind in regards to graphics, so on that point yes it will be behind but not until 2-3 years into PS4 and Nextbox. Also, if solid gameplay and mechanics are important to U, then I think Wii U is for U ;)

If you are a gamer, there is no question.... keep it. Even if the competition blows the Wii U out of the water in the graphic department you will get unique experiences and exclusive franchises.

hook the thing up and you will see it's magic. You will underestimate how cool it is to have your console in hand and portable. Sounds simple I know, but there is something about it that puts a smile on your face. It simply neat when someone else wants the tv and you can simply just used the gamepad or even control netflix, hulu or amazon from the pad or watch it directly on the pad. The youtube app is the best i've seen on any device. NSMB U is fantastic too btw! One more thing, don't discount Nintendo until we see what Retro can do with the system.

Its quite frankly impossible to judge that right now - just going by rumors I believed the Wii U would be much more capable than PS360 and maybe it is and devs just didn't go the extra mile to make that apparant ..

similarly rumors point to 720/PS4 being more capable than WiiU, but will that difference really be that big once those are in consumers hands or will the it first show some years down the line?

personally I fully expect the WiiU to dominated the japanese market, so if you are into Nintendo games and japanese centric games the WiiU should offer you a lot of good content

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I wouldn't return it simply because it was a gift, but honestly for now its not really worth it to get. I would only be interested in getting it when some more exciting titles like Pikmen 3, Lego City Undercover, and Bayonetta 2 come out.

My roomate got a wii u so I basically got to play it as much as anyone who owns it. He got nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros U. New Super Mario bros is just another 2d mario platformer, which to me, lost their magic a long time ago. It's good, just not great. There are much better platformers out there imo. Nintendoland though is a great party game. It is very fun to play with a bunch of friends.

At first it's going to feel awsome to be able to turn off the tv and keep playing your games like you would on a handheld, but the novelty will wear out pretty quickly imo unless you spend hours in the bathroom. The miiverse community is nice and pretty cool but again its more of a novelty thing that wears out pretty quickly. 

Nintendoland is great though and will be fun for both gamers and "nongamers" to experience. Haven't tried ZombieU. But that's really it. Again I don't see the point in getting the wii u for the multiplatform games if you already own a 360/ps3/gaming pc. 

return your wife's gift? ouch! i'd keep it!

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Why in the world would you return it? It was a gift. You didn't, necessarily, spend money for it.
And if a graphics card that may (probably will) be better than the Wii U's means that much that you would want to return it is sad.

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Seems to me, people really need to struggle in choosing between Nextbox or PS4, they share the same core concept and pretty much have the same games and audience. Ferrari or Lambo, BmW or MB, you still could use a 4x4 or a convertible cruiser, where the primary decision to buy is function over specs.

Wii U will entertain you with Nintendo's long celebrated IPs (more than MSFT or Sony can boast combined), incresing 3rd party support - staring from Japan...Capcom's Monster Hunter, SE's DQ are their most valuable IPs. If you are a true fan of gaming (vs fan of a particular brand), you will be able to enjoy the next generation of games.

Gamepad is no gimmick. It is a game changer. It doesn't just change how you interact with the game (how many buttons, motion or no motion, or no physical input), the secondary screen is an added dimension to gaming. Not unlike two front facing speakers vs 5.1 or 7.1 surround. The visual coming AT you, your ability to now physically see a truly multidimensional world albeit via a small window is much more engaging than 3D visual on a screen.

Imagine when the game takes advatage of surround sound, giving you a sense of direction of incoming danger, and you are able to pivot your view to gain visual. This is not the same as panning the camera angle. Especially in local multiplayer, if your friend is the pilot and you are the gun man.  Or if you are the Jedi, and player 2 is R2D2 and your wife is ....well you get the point.

The gamepad alo excels at inventory management and decluttering of screen space, further enhancing the realism of high definition visuals. And doing all that with no lag.

There are trolls who compare Vita and PS3 linkage etc. They must not have experienced the Gamepad in person. Unless the machine is designed from ground up and successfully reduce the latency to that of Wii U, no traffic over and around the internet is going to ensure no lag. Imagine hearing the sound first, then seeing the image. Sound will travel faster than visual...that would suck big time.

Of course if Sony or MSFT have the balls to implement it right away, and pre-announce it. Then Wii U's only selling point would be Nintendo IPs. For me, that alone is worth buying. But for many, I'm sure they'd choose to wait.

But for the love of all thats fun, addictive and mesmerizing about gaming, give Wii U a shot! How can this not complement PC gaming, or nextgen High Def! Remember too, screen resolution was way way way more refined than today's HD TV many years ago. It's your entire TV, Motion Picture industry that just aint gonna be able or willing to keep up with computer monitr type resolution, which simply is more pixels than the eyes can distinguish.

How much more than 1080p @ 60 frames per second can enhance gaming? At some point, the "output" difference will plateau, just like Audio slowed to a crawl and not many people even raise a heart beat when told sbout 7.1 vs 5.1. Wii U ensures you that at least visually, the TV on which you play it, the programs which you will likely receive are all in sync. The rest of the advance in gaming can, and in my opinion shoud be revoluion in how it is played and no just the same old evolution of how many more polygons or pixels are displayed.

I'll still buy PS4 or Nextbox but not because I anticipate they would be better than Wii U, but that they might just be different enough maybe a new game changer IP appears there instead!

Even PS4 and Xbox3 will have poor graphics. I only play real life.