Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Ps3 will FINALLY pass the xbox360 at some point,so what,s the big deal?it,s only 2013

Hi all i have seen many a thread announcing the inevitable passing of the xbox360 by the ps3,and for some it seems like such a big hoopla.but why?

this gen is virtually over.if the systems were in reverse positions it would be a different story,hmmmmm?please enlighten me as to why one system,brand is held in such high regards,and is allowed to get aways with almost any mis-steps while the others are demonized?HAPPY 2013 TO ALL.

may we all try to live in harmony in the next gen.

Don,t be Fanboys,Be Gamefans,Play games 4ever...GAME ON(msn)


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Some Sony fanboys are clamoring to their 7 year old prophecy that every year the PS3 would pass the 360 and the Wii.

Only took them 7 years to get it right.

It's one of the biggest deals we can talk about. What else is there to talk about on a sales site? You see the DS vs. PS2 discussion? Yeah, imagine that but multiply it by around 2.

Lol what are you talking about? Sony easily (imo) gets the most hate on these boards. It literally seems like everything Sony does is heavily scrutinized.

Sony systems have also been known for their longevity, so expecting them to lose steam just because the other two have is kind of silly.

I personally didn't expect it to take this long. Though, it doesn't make a difference to me at this point. To tell you the truth, I don't know if it would have ever made a difference for me. I would still have an x360 & ps3 regardless.

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reggin_bolas said:
Some Sony fanboys are clamoring to their 7 year old prophecy that every year the PS3 would pass the 360 and the Wii.

Only took them 7 years to get it right.

it's gonna pass the Wii?  Sounds like a bold prophecy, guy.  I'll be sure to quote you on that later.  

at OP:  I don't even understand what you're trying to say with that post, just seems to ping pong between different ideas without any coherence.  


It will pass Wii... so the 360 is not a big deal.

It's a sales site so discussion about this is normal. I always wonder though about certain things are okay to discuss here and somethings are not. For instance if you discuss PS3 overtaking 360 then your considered a fanboy.

However, it's perfectly normal for people to look at the UK sales every week and circle the install bases of the Wii and 360 and say not long now. It`s even worse in this case because Nintendo already started there next gen. People even have that in there sigs. Also with 360 on it's way to passing the Wii in the US is normal to discuss, why no thread topic on that being discussed or over rated because of 8 year old tech.

But the double edged sword comes from "defending" Sony in any way in making these points you get a called a fan boy or defensive (sdf) But the goal posts constantly get moved when discussing sales milestones of 360 or Wii. Sony fans sometimes have it rough here, damned if they do and damned if they don`t. I dare someone today to create a pro Sony topic on anything and I guarantee within the first 5-6 posts there will be a 360 supporter (not naming any names) have something negative or down putting about whatever the topic may be.







2013? lol

I am sure MS and Nintendo will be quite worried about PS3 sales as they focus on next gen this year.

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It probably will overtake the xbox, but even if it does by a margin, I would still consider the PS3 the looser of this gen (sales wise). Why? While selling a couple more console will give Sony a nice chunk of change in their pockets, it doesn't remotely cover the extra money MS made with software sales during all that time in which they had a bigger market share. This gen will be long over by the time Sony would have truly equalled MS.

Anyway, that's just the money perspective. I still prefer the Sony exclusives over the MS and Nintendo ones.

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