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This game reminds me of Master of Magic. The combat is closer to Heroes of Might and Magic.

I highly recommend this if you're into those kind of games.

The graphics take you back to the 1990's though.

They are also releasing it on steam soon with updated graphics if crude pictures bother you.

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It really looks like Master of Magic. Turn-based strategy, SRPG-esque combat, heroes with levels, equipment, magic, mythical creatures...

I don't care about the graphics. I'm playing Master of Orion right now.

Somehow, someday, I'll play this.

I recently picked it up after hearing about the remake on Steam Greenlight. Ran into a common problem with using a reasonably modern cpu (2500k) with stuttering music, laggy mouse and battles. After a rather annoying fix I can play the game!

Only dabbling in the campaign at the moment and quite surprised how tough it is considering Im playing on beginner difficulty. I like that there seems to be a lot depth not through complexity but rather a system of systems. Tactical battles are a bit dry but I've only unlocked the tier 2 units.

A great time sink, had a 3 hour session that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.

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