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Someone started a petition to bring Bravely Default (3DS) to europe and the US.

Its here:


Sign it aswell if you want.

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I will sign this for Vic_viper since he seems to have disappeared. I see no reason this game would not come even without a petition.

Closing in on 1000 signatures?

spurgeonryan said:
Closing in on 1000 signatures?

half way there 

I love me some Jojo. XD

It said 500, but who knows how long ago that was. Post the petition in front of Nintendo headquarters in Seattle.

If I lived there I would protest daily.

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i would but i don't feel comfortable leaving my address

It will come out here anyway

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consider my signature law

bet 90% of those signatures wont buy it if it does come to their region. Just those people convincing themselves that every niche Jap title which doesn't come out here is 110% rated on famitsu and what's needed to "save" the 3ds in the west... from selling 1.1m units over Xmas.

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Signed it.

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