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Over the past week I have seen multiple people say OoT was not their favorite Zelda title or that great of game. This has boggled my mind and even annoyed me in some instances.


I see no reason why this game should be ragged on after years of everyone saying it is great or was great. Obviously this is based on those who have only played the recent 3D remake. It was not just something differrent for its time people! It was revolutionary! The open worlds, stealth, story, epona, mini games, hidden objects, boss battles ( dat final battle!) dungeons What did it not have that makes you say it was sub-par?

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Water Temple

It didn't even make my top 50 list.  I don't like Zelda that much.


Don't like Zelda that much either and I never played the game. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is still my favorite Zelda game played and beat it numerous times.

The guy above you^

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Ocarina of Time is a decent game, but honestly in my eyes it's not an amazing one either. I don't see the hype around it. Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword were far better entries. Perhaps at that point in time I was more excited and caught up with Squares work.

I wouldn't use the word sub-par either because it isn't. Just not "best of the best" or even close to it. Everyone is different though.

Because "A Link to the Past" exists. That to me is quintessential Zelda and video games at their pinnacle.

I really did not care for the Saturn/PSone/N64 era at the time and feel it has aged poorly for me. I mean Mario 64 is my least favorite in the main Mario line so for Ocarina to still be among few games that generation I enjoyed is a testament of how much better it was than just about everything released then.

I just don't find the game world to be that interesting. I played it back in the day and didn't like it. However I played the 3DS remake and that time round I quite enjoyed it. I'd probably consider it a solid 7/10 game now.

However it encouraged me to try Skyward Sword, which I instantly loved. I found the story and world to be much more interesting and i really liked the motion controls. Not to mention you don't have to put up with Navi.

I played it after TWW and Twilight Princess, so it was just an outdated game with clunky controls and antiquated aesthetics. It was leagues behind TP in every aspect.

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Its the best game of all time. End of story. It has a magical hold over me and I will never forget that Xmas morning when I played it fo the first time. Wow!