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WiiU and Vita have done ok for themselves this Holiday. But lets be honest. It is nothing spectacular. Both systems are too expensive right now for the consumer to take the leap and neither seem to have that must play game yet.


So who will blink first? Sony seems stubborn and Nintendo has played this game before with the 3DS. Ofcourse the vita has been out for a whole year longer as well. I would say launches aligned the WiiU will drop first. Not sure about who will drop first though.


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Hasn't the WiiU launched better than both the 360 & PS3 did? And its only been out a month or so, bit early to say it needs a price drop!

Its just done another 400k the other week too.

I'm not sure the Wii U needs a price cut ...

Its sales in Japan and North America have been strong for a newly launched system and we will have to wait and see how sales go in the new year to know if there really is a problem with demand in these regions. If Nintendo doesn't see strong enough sales with game releases, or if there are declining sales, it could see a price cut but I'm not convinced that it is needed yet.

The PS-Vita is a different story though. Its sales are abysmal and it really needs something to kick-start sales, but I'm not sure Sony can afford a price cut; and they probably can't afford the price cut it really needs ($199 with game and memory card).

It has done well. Lets not forget Europe though. I hope it keeps the momentum up linkvp, but have a feeling it will not accept in Japan. Americans barely know what it is from what I have seen.


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Only the Vita needs one.


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I honestly don't see a price cut for the Wii U, the sales will need to be extremely bad for Nintendo to it, even more so since Nintendo is losing money with each console. I could definitely see a Wii U price cut in reaction to the next xbox and maybe the PS4, but not because of sales. 

With that said I think the obvious choice will be the Vita.

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Then your two answers would be vita.^ :-p

I hope both stay strong, but do not see much on the horizon to push them. Pikmin 3 should be good but pikmin was never a system seller. May e DQX in Japan, but it already came out on Wii and did well.


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Vita should getbone first....but i hope wii u gets one in europe in march

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WiiU is not that far behind Wii and it will do 1.7m in December alone which is far above what PS360 did in their time so it won't get a price cut anytime soon!

Vita will be the first one to get it

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